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Our projects range in style from traditional to modern, in color from neutral to bold, in attitude from relaxed to formal. Yet each shares an enduring quality and essential features: a functional floor plan, finely made and carefully edited furnishings, and meticulous attention to detail.

At the beginning of the process we establish with our clients how each room can best serve their needs, and then guide them in the selection of each design element. The result is rooms which are not only well appointed and beautiful, but also perform brilliantly.

As a full-service residential firm, Fisher Interiors offers comprehensive design direction, beginning with interior architecture and space planning, through construction management, to the sourcing and placement of each furnishing and finishing accessory. Our designers work in close partnership, not only with our clients, but also with experienced and knowledgeable contractors, custom workrooms and well-established, reputable vendors, to ensure highly positive results. Often our projects commence at the blueprint stage, and our professional guidance and expert assistance continue well after project completion, with advice on additional acquisitions and ongoing home maintenance and care.

While it is not uncommon for designers to hear praise for the aesthetic outcome of a project, we are most satisfied when our clients tell us, as they often do, that their homes are a joy to live in, and that the redesigned spaces function for them far better than they ever did before.

Fisher Interiors' portfolio demonstrates the diversity of our work, as each design is a reflection of the individual client's aesthetic and functional requirements.

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